Scioto Valley Section (0815)

The Scioto Valley Section (SVS) provides services to quality professionals in counties in south central and eastern Ohio.

Scioto Valley was the "First Section the New Millennium" of our Parent Professional Society (PPS), having been awarded its charter following the approval of its advancement by the PPS Board of Directors on May 6, 2000. Scioto Valley had existed for two years as a Subsection under the sponsorship of the Columbus (Ohio) Section.

Our section offers local membership program meetings, tours, networking, professional development opportunities and occasional educational courses. Members receive an electronic newsletter and use this web site for information updates.

Section Mission

Scioto Valley was established to address the needs of local area quality professionals who had found it difficult to participate in PPS activities because of time and travel distance. The Section now provides local networking, program meetings, speakers, tours, educational opportunities including certification preparatory training, and professional development opportunities. The locations of monthly dinner meetings, programs and tours vary throughout the Scioto Valley Section service area so that its associates can participate more frequently through reduced travel time.

Section Service Area

Scioto Valley was organized first as a Subsection to serve seven (7) primary counties in South Central Ohio. However, members from other local Sections found SVS programs in nearer proximity and that its activities address their specific needs, and some began to formally affiliate with the Subsection.

With its petition for recognition as a full Section, Scioto Valley's designated 7 county service area was re-specified based on achieved growth and development and the make-up of its affiliate base and grew to a 16-county service area covering counties in three states. Currently however, as a result of recent transition and direction from our PPS, while we are allowed to have section members from any area, our official service area is restricted to only the following 9 counties in Ohio: Adams, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike, Ross, Scioto and Vinton.

Section Members

Approximately 120 quality professionals from more than 30 area industrial, health care and service organizations formally became members of the Scioto Valley Section on May 6, 2000, the date of the charter. This was based on their signatures on the New Section Petition forms that were submitted as part of the advancement package. The Section will maintain an ongoing Membership Recruiting Program and projects meaningful increases in membership as part of its PPS Member Unit Operating Agreement (MUOA).


Quality professionals who work or live in several South Central Ohio counties joined in early 1998 to form a local Subsection of the Parent Professional Society (PPS).

The organizational effort began January 28, 1998, when a group of PPS members from several South Central Ohio counties met in Chillicothe, Ohio. The group formulated the proposal for recognition, established the Subsection coverage area, selected "Scioto Valley" as the Subsection name, drafted a slate of officers, and reviewed potential committee roles and responsibilities.

The "Scioto Valley" Subsection petitioned for recognition in accordance with the requirements specified in PPS document #B0752, "How to Organize a Subsection." On February 3, 1998, the Subsection presented the required package, including the petition to be recognized, to the Columbus Section's Executive Committee for evaluation and decision. There were 58 signatories; only 15 were required.

On March 3, 1998, Mr. Bradley Carleton, Chair, Columbus Section, issued an official notification letter of support to the Scioto Valley Subsection. Ms. Mary Jo Mercier, a Deputy Regional Director and the Immediate Past Chair of the Columbus Section, then forwarded the petition package to Mr. Gerald J. Pedoto, the PPS Region 8 Director, for further action.

The Subsection's Executive Committee conducted its first meeting on March 30, 1998, to begin the process of developing bylaws and to discuss and plan committee assignments, meetings, speakers, other programs and educational activities.

Two days later, on April 1, 1998, Mr. Pedoto issued a formal statement of support to the Subsection. Following further review by PPS Headquarters Section Affairs, Mr. Pedoto issued the formal letter awarding sanctioned status to the Subsection on May 22, 1998. This status became effective July 1, 1998, at the beginning of the next PPS fiscal year.

Mr. Pedoto noted in the official letter of sanction that "the creation of this Subsection will enhance services to the members in your area. We would like to congratulate you on your hard work and efforts."

The 74 individuals who had signed the petition to be recognized as a Subsection affiliate prior to July 1, 1998, are considered the "Charter Members" of the Subsection and received certificates to this effect.

Beginning in December 1999, the Subsection began the process of preparing the required package to petition for recognition as a full Section. The PPS Board of Directors approved this advancement on May 6, 2000, at the Annual Quality Congress in Indianapolis. The Charter for the Scioto Valley Section (0815) was presented to the new Section's officers and committee chairs on May 9, 2000, by Mr. Pedoto, the Region 8 Director. Mr. Gregory Watson, the incoming President of the Society, came to the charter presentation ceremony, along with the incoming Region 8 Director, Ms. Mary Jo Mercier, and the Region 9 Director, Mr. Richard McKeever, who had provided full support to the Section's organizational efforts.

Historical milestones and highlights are presented here.

Section Monthly Dinner Meetings (Programs and Tours)

The Section develops an interesting schedule of speakers, programs and tours for each program year (January through June, September through December).

The Subsection's program schedule is listed on another page of this web site.

PPS members from other Sections as well as non-members who may be interested in the Society or the subject of quality are welcome to attend the Section's monthly dinner meetings, programs and tours.

Section Leadership Committee (SLC)

The SLC (updated name of the "Executive" Committee) is the "steering committee" of the Section and meets each month to discuss and plan committee reports, assignments, meetings, speakers, other programs and educational activities. Any interested Section member is welcome to attend Leadership Committee meetings, and is asked to contact the Section Chair in advance.

The Section Leadership Committee members are listed on another page of this web site.

Section Communications

In addition to this web site, the Section also publishes a newsletter and program meeting notices primarily by electronic mail. These mailings also include prospective PPS members as well as some nearby PPS members who are affiliated with other Sections, so as to provide them with additional opportunities to participate in quality-related activities. Facsimile and postal mail copies are provided as required to those who do not have electronic mail.

Education/Professional Development

The Section offers certification preparatory training classes, courses and other forms of professional development. If you have suggestions or expressions of interest, please contact the Section Chair.

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