July 2000 Issue

Membership Newsletter
American Society for Quality
Scioto Valley Subsection

Volume 3, Number 7

"ASQ's First Section of the New Millennium"

In this issue:


The Scioto Valley Section is about to start a course to prepare candidates for the upcoming Certified Quality Manager (CQM) examination. As of Monday, July 31, at least eight students were expected to participate in this course to be conducted in the Piketon area. The instructor will be Mike Boggs, of Boggs & Associates, Columbus. The course, to be conducted one night per week, will start August 15 and continue for 10 weeks leading to the October 21 examination.

Preparatory courses for the CQA and CQE examinations, provided the minimum class size (five students) is attained, will start in September and lead up to the December 2 examination.

Register now for the CQA and CQE courses! The fee for each is $350 for ASQ members and $450 for non-members. Fees include classroom text and materials. Checks should be made payable to ASQ Scioto Valley Section #0815. Please mail registrations to Tom Hester, the SVS Education Chair, at 211 Ruthann Drive, Lucasville, Ohio 45648. Registration via e-mail is acceptable. But fees are to be paid in full prior to the first class.

For additional information or with any questions, please contact Tom via electronic mail at trhester@zoomnet.net.


Effective September 1, ASQ certification exam prices will be increased. The Society is urging members to register prior to September 1 and get the lower price. You should do this if you plan to sit for examination December 2 for the CQE and CQA (or the CSQE). The normal deadline for registering to take these examinations is October 13. But if you register after September 1, the higher prices will be effective.


The new ASQ Scioto Valley Section has proctored certification examinations for two years in Chillicothe, Ohio. Beginning with the October session, the ASQ Scioto Valley Section will proctor certification examinations NOT ONLY at Chillicothe, Ohio, BUT ALSO at Ashland (Kentucky) Community College. That means you have two nearby locations from which to choose!

The deadline is August 25 to apply for October 21 examination for the Certified Quality Technician (CQT), Certified Mechanical Inspector (CMI), Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE) and Certified Quality Manager (CQM) certifications. The deadline is October 13 to apply for December 2 examination for the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) and Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) examinations.

On your application for examination, list "Scioto Valley Section (0815)" as your preferred location. We'll try to make sure before the examination that your designated testing site is convenient to you. But if your final seating letter from ASQ designates a site different from the one you prefer or if you have questions or concerns, contact Grant Germann, the Section's Certification Committee Chair. He can be contacted at (740) 897-3618 or by electronic mail at gk2@bechteljacobs.org.


The Scioto Valley Section's "Business Plan" for the 2000-2001 fiscal year has been approved. The Executive Committee ratified the final version of the plan at its July 16 meeting.

The business plan assures that measurable goals, so as to increase the effectiveness of the Section in bringing value to its membership, are established. Some of the goals in this year's plan include offering certification preparation and professional development courses, reducing the driving time to reach an exam site, and having interesting membership meetings.

All Section members are encouraged to get involved to help themselves and the other members of the Section meet the goals established in the plan. The Business Plan is now available on the Section's Internet web site. Or you can go directly to the following URL.



A tentative schedule of monthly dinner program meetings and tours for September 2000 through June 2001 is nearly complete. The Executive Committee generated a proposed schedule at its July 18 meeting, and expects to publish the 10-month agenda before September 1.

Highlights of this year's upcoming program schedule are the appearance of ASQ President Greg Watson in October; tours of manufacturing facilities in Ross and Gallia counties with quality program presentations by the hosts; a management panel; programs focused on quality in health care, quality in education, and changes in the quality standards; and an evening in the Huntington area focused on the performance excellence program of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Two meetings are expected to be conducted jointly with other nearby Sections -- one with Columbus and one with the Mid-Ohio Valley Section at Parkersburg.


The Columbus Section has scheduled several upcoming programs that are open to Scioto Valley Section members.

On Tuesday, August 15, the Section has scheduled a dinner meeting and then a tour of Goodyear's Marysville conveyor belt manufacturing plant. Dinner at The Elevator Company Restaurant precedes the tour. The evening begins at 5:30 p.m. with Social Hour at the restaurant in Marysville, dinner at 6:00 p.m., departure for the plant at 7:00 p.m., and the tour at 7:15 p.m. Goodyear Security requires name, employer, and title of all attendees a week before the tour. For more information, call Joe Hoess, Columbus Section Arrangements Chair, at (614) 460-7901, or by electronic mail to jhoess@exxcel.com. Reservations must be received by noon August 7.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company's plant in Marysville produces heavy fabric and steel cable reinforced belts for many types of mining operations. Additional customers are in wood products, steel and aluminum manufacturing, and agriculture. A $4 million technical center opened in 1999 is equipped with state of the art test equipment, and houses the largest two pulley tester in the world.

The Columbus Section also has announced that ASQ members and guests are invited to a meeting sponsored by the Dayton Society of Automotive Engineers to take an inside look the world of CART (Championship Auto Racing Teams). The event, which requires preregistration, will be held beginning at 3:00 p.m. Thursday, August 10, at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, near Mansfield.

Attendees will meet with CART racing officials and race team members, to view the activities of these open wheel ultimate racers. The program will include the CART technical inspection area, Omega timing and Scoring Area, CART Race Control, viewing a CART team car, Q&A with drivers and engineers, tour of a racing garage, and a dinner Meeting (optional) after 5:30 p.m. at a Lexington area restaurant.

Only the first 50 ASQ members and their guests to register can be accommodated. Since there is a space limitation, ASQ members are being asked not to make reservations that can't be kept.

To register, call Jeff Stuckenborg at 937-455-6130 ASAP and leave your name and phone number with area code. Indicate tour only or dinner and tour, and identify yourself as an ASQ member. For other questions, call Jim Sheffield, ASQ & SAE member, at 740-654-0449.

Reservations are first come-first serve; registration cut-off date is August 7, but there may not be open spots by then. There will be no charge for admission for those with confirmed reservations for this event. Meet at Gate 3 between 3 and 3:30 p.m. To get to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, take I-71 to the Lexington Exit, and follow the signs. Lexington is just south of Mansfield.


Two friends of the Scioto Valley Section have been named to positions of regional and national responsibility with the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Their terms begin July 1.

Mary Jo Mercier, Manager of Quality Improvement for Ross Products Division of Abbott Labs in Columbus, has been elected Director of ASQ's Region 8. She has appointed Robert R. Rinderman, Immediate Past Chair of the Scioto Valley Section, as a Deputy Director.

Region 8 includes Scioto Valley and 11 other Sections -- Columbus, Akron-Canton, Ashtabula, Lima (Central NW Ohio), Cleveland, Elyria-Lorain, Mansfield, and Youngstown- Warren in Ohio; at Erie and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania; and the Mid-Ohio Valley Section at Parkersburg which covers a significant portion of West Virginia and some Ohio counties.

Mercier has been an ardent supporter of Scioto Valley's growth and advancement. Her election provides the benefit of continued support to the Scioto Valley Section at the Regional Director level. She now serves as the representative of the region and its members to the ASQ Board of Directors. The Regional Directors also have broader responsibilities as corporate Directors of the Society and representatives of membership interests. Regional Directors are elected to two-year terms.

Rinderman served for two years as the Chair of the Scioto Valley Subsection, which was advanced to a full Section by the ASQ Board of Directors in May. As Regional Deputy Director, he will assist Mercier particularly with those responsibilities directly involving the Sections. Rinderman will be working primarily on the behalf of the Scioto Valley, Columbus, and Mid-Ohio Valley Sections. Rinderman has been one of the core group that has guided Scioto Valley's advancement to full Section status, and has served as Chair since its inception.


At the beginning of this, my first Chair's Message, the first order of business calls for me to extend thanks for your vote of confidence in my ability to lead the American Society for Quality's "First Section of the New Millennium" as it continues along a path of rapid development and success in providing services to its members.

We begin this new fiscal year with nearly 130 members, representing more than 30 institutions, in 16 counties, in parts of three states. The Executive Committee now includes 18 individuals serving as officers and committee chairs. Of these 18 individuals, 12 were able to attend our first Executive Committee meeting of the fiscal year on Tuesday, July 18. It was a great feeling to pull additional chairs up to the table to accommodate the size of the group.

One order of business at this meeting was to begin the development of another meaningful and interesting schedule of programs for the months of September through June. We feel we are accomplishing this goal. Programs are being scheduled from among lists of member suggestions. The schedule should be finalized soon after the August Executive Committee meeting, and will be provided for each of you right away.

Of particular note is that Mr. Greg Watson, the new President of ASQ, is coming to the Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia "Tri-State" for the sole purpose of being the speaker for our membership dinner program meeting on October 10. The location will be the campus of Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, right in the middle of our 16-county service area. Mr. Watson's appearance comes from his own initiative, as he expressed interest at the Annual Quality Congress in May to come and see what the ASQ's newest Section is all about.

We can be proud to share with him just what we've accomplished in two years as a Subsection, and that we can assure him we are continuing to head in the right direction.

We've successfully proctored examinations for two years at Chillicothe and now we've established a second certification examination site, beginning with the October session, at Ashland (Kentucky) Community College. There are five Section members who have now stepped forward to serve as examination proctors.

We completed our first certification preparatory course, for the CQA examination, with 10 students. We're now soliciting expressions of interest and registrations for additional courses.

There are now 43 of our 126 members who hold an ASQ certification, with 11 of them holding more than one. At least one Section member holds each of the seven current ASQ certifications.

For ASQ's three-level Section Management Plan (SMP), we've submitted our Commitment Level plan for 2000-2001. We're about to complete our 2000-2001 Implementation Level submission (including the Section "Business Plan" as discussed above) and have compiled the results of our member survey to be included with our 1999-2000 Total Quality Level submission.

Our Internet web site is one of the best within ASQ and is updated routinely with new information about certification, education, job opportunities, program meetings, and a variety of other topics. A link to the site is provided at the bottom of this and every newsletter.

We now have eight Senior Members of ASQ, with applications for others in process, and our Immediate Past Chair, Bob Rinderman, has been nominated by the Columbus Section (through our efforts at the Subsection level) for advancement to the grade of ASQ Fellow.

But while we've achieved several noteworthy accomplishments, they also will be serving as building blocks for our future growth and development.

I extend my personal thanks to Bob Rinderman for being the motivating force behind the development of the Scioto Valley Section, and for being a personal mentor along the way. If I serve the Section with half of his dedication and enthusiasm, I will have done well.

And whenever you have the opportunity, please express your personal appreciation to the members of our parent, sponsoring Columbus Section for seeing us through, in many ways, to this point in time. While we're now "on our own" we pledge to maintain a continuing positive relationship with the Columbus Section and to seek ways in which we can participate jointly with them in meaningful quality-related programs and activities.

Thanks to each of you for your patience and assistance as I become oriented to the role of leading your ASQ Section.

Tim Matchett
Chair, ASQ Scioto Valley Section
"ASQ’s First Section of the New Millennium"

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