October 2000 Issue

Membership Newsletter
American Society for Quality, Scioto Valley Section
"ASQ's First Section of the New Millennium"

Volume 3, Number 10

In this issue:


A copy of "The ISO Lesson Guide 2000: A Pocket Guide to Q9001:2000" goes to Scioto Valley Section member Ted Watkins, a Greenfield resident working in Quality Control Technical Support for Ferno-Washington, Inc., Wilmington.

Ted visited the Scioto Valley Section's web site and entered his member number to learn that he had won. His number had been randomly generated earlier by the Section's web server. The entry box for October was located on the September 2000 program meeting photo page.

The details of this monthly offering are provided below. Go find the entry box on the site to see if you are the winner for November!


The UL Mark - It Stands For More Than Just Electrical Safety of Products.

What does the "UL in a circle" symbol really stand for? What are Conformity Assessment Services?

Come and learn all about UL and their contribution to "Working for a Safer World" as a representative from Underwriters Laboratories visits the Scioto Valley Section November 9.

The occasion is the monthly dinner program meeting of the local Section. The location is the Canal House Restaurant north of Chillicothe.

Ms. Paulette Davis will provide an overview of the full range of Global Conformity Assessment Services offered by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides both product safety and quality management certifications. UL is known as the largest and oldest nationally recognized testing laboratory in the United States. On a voluntary basis, manufacturers submit products in a wide variety of categories to UL for testing and safety certification, frequently to address jurisdictional laws, codes or regulations that require a product to be tested by a recognized laboratory before it can be sold in certain areas. UL also registers manufacturers' quality management systems to international standards such as the ISO 9000 series.

Paulette is a Senior Account Executive for Underwriters Laboratories in its Global Marketing and Sales Department. She was graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor's degree in computer science. She is a CQA and has worked in the Quality field for more than 13 years. She is an active member of the Cincinnati Section of ASQ and a member of the Cincinnati ISO Audit Consortium.

Paulette has worked for UL for the past eight years and held various positions. She has conducted follow-up safety inspections with clients that have earned the right to use the UL Mark on their products. She has also been an assessor to the ISO 9000 series of standards. Currently, she promotes all of UL's various Conformity Assessment Services, including Quality & Environmental Management Systems Registration.

The Scioto Valley Section also has scheduled a pre-dinner clinic from 5:00 to 5:45 p.m. The topic is "The Current Job Market for Quality Professionals -- A Recruiting Perspective." The speaker will be Ms. Terri Rowe, a recruiter with J. D. Cotter, Inc. Terri is a past officer of the Columbus Section of ASQ and currently serves as editor of the "Quality Spirit" newsletter. She has been an ardent supporter of the Scioto Valley Section from the very beginning. Terri will provide an overview of current regional quality field job market conditions with emphasis on the considerations that make a prospect attractive. Tea, water and coffee will be provided during the pre-dinner clinic. Those coming early for this clinic should arrive by 4:45 p.m. for registration, badging and seating.

Following the pre-dinner clinic, registration and networking continue from 5:45 to 6:15 p.m. Dinner is at 6:15 p.m., with a brief Section business meeting and the speaker at 7:00 p.m.

All Scioto Valley Section affiliates, other local ASQ members and anyone interested in the Society or the subject of quality are encouraged to attend. ASQ members holding certifications earn 0.3 re-certification units (RUs) for EACH of these programs (0.6 possible).

Here are the arrangements.

DATE: Thursday, November 9, 2000

LOCATION: The Canal House Restaurant on Route 104 north of Chillicothe, near the Veterans Administration Medical Center.

4:45 p.m. Registration for pre-dinner clinic
5:00 p.m. Pre-meeting clinic with Ms. Terri Rowe, J. D. Cotter, Inc.
5:45 p.m. Registration and networking
6:15 p.m. Dinner
7:00 p.m. Brief business meeting and speaker, Ms. Paulette Davis, Underwriters Laboratories

MENU: Baked steak, redskin potatoes, California blend vegetables, dinner rolls, salad and dessert.

REGISTRATION: Pre-registration is required, with payment for the dinner. The cost is $15 each prepaid for dinner for ASQ members and guests if received by 4:00 p.m. Monday, November 6. Telephone and E-mail reservations will be accepted, but are subject to payment.

You may attend the pre-dinner clinic and/or the keynote presentation without having dinner, but registration is still required.

Cancellations of paid dinner reservations will be honored with full refunds if received by November 6.

To the following address, please mail checks payable to "ASQ Scioto Valley Section" along with identification and telephone number of each person attending.

ASQ Scioto Valley Section
PO Box 1947
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
Attention: Kathy Tolliver, Arrangements Chair

Kathy's telephone number is (740) 772-0571 and her E-mail address is krt@mead.com.

If you're interested in car pooling from anywhere in the region, contact Kathy and she'll try to help you make arrangements.


The ASQ Scioto Valley Section now has a registered Internet domain. The new SVS web site is located at the following URL: http://www.asqsvs.org/.

A redirector at the old address now takes visitors to the new address.

Frognet Internet Access, Athens, continues to host the Scioto Valley Section's web site.

The Section Executive Committee sincerely appreciates the initiative and efforts of Wade Midkiff, our Internet Liaison and a Section Vice Chair, for suggesting and implementing this change and its associated long-term benefits, and also for handling the technical details of the special offer announced below.


Visit the Scioto Valley Section's web site in November to see if you are that month's winner of "The ISO Lesson Guide 2000: A Pocket Guide to Q9001:2000" -- a booklet that discusses the newly revised quality principles.

Somewhere on the web site there's a box asking that you enter your ASQ member number. Give it a try! If you're the winner, you'll know immediately. If not, you'll be asked to try again next month.

Each winner needs to come soon to a monthly membership dinner program meeting to pick up his or her pocket guide.

The pocket guide for October goes to Section member Ted Watkins, a Greenfield resident working in Quality Control Technical Support for Ferno-Washington, Inc., Wilmington.

The winning membership number for each month is computer generated randomly from the ASQ roster of members formally affiliated with the Scioto Valley Section. You must be affiliated with the Scioto Valley Section to be eligible. Those who join the Section during the year will become part of the database of eligible names, and could win a pocket guide.

The elected officers of the Section are not eligible for this monthly offering.

The Section's Executive Committee will be automatically notified by the web server when each winner is determined.

There will be at least one winner for each month through the end of June 2001, at which time a decision will be made whether to drop, continue or modify this Section offering.

Written by Dennis Arter and J. P. Russell, top ISO 9000 auditors and key participants in standards authoring bodies, this training and study tool discusses quality, its measurable characteristics, and the role of customer requirements in all quality management systems. Using the ISO 9001:2000 Draft International Standard as the model, each ISO clause (and its key concepts), the ISO process approach, and the Quality Management Principles are explained.


The Scioto Valley Section will have proctors available for the December 2, 2000, examinations for CQA, CQE and CSQE in the CWED Conference Room at Ashland (Kentucky) Community College. If you are registered to sit for one of these examinations and would like Ashland Community College as your testing site, please let us know. Contact Grant Germann, Certification Chair, at gk2@bechteljacobs.org or by telephone at (740) 897-3618; or Tim Matchett, Section Chair, at matchetttl@ports.usec.com or by telephone at (740) 897-6431. The Section also proctors examinations at Ohio University-Chillicothe.


I express my sincere thanks and appreciation to ASQ President Greg Watson, who came to Southern Ohio to speak to the Scioto Valley Section at its October 10 dinner program meeting in University Center at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth.

More than 30 members took advantage of this opportunity for interaction with our current Society President. When he attended the ceremony May 9 at the Annual Quality Congress in Indianapolis, when Scioto Valley was presented its Section Charter, Watson came forward and offered to visit us this Fall, and said he wanted "to see what this new Section is all about." He saw evidence of a dynamic and growing Section fully committed to working within ASQ's Section Management Plan approach and the Society's Long-Term Strategy, and wanted to be sure that Scioto Valley would be one of the 50 that he would visit during his one-year term.

Watson opened his remarks with a President's point-of-view of ASQ and how quality professionals can take advantage of its network of resources, including those at the new Scioto Valley Section level. He then addressed the key forces expected to shape the quality discipline between now and the year 2020. In doing so, he addressed the Society's strategic planning and the recently completed "Foresight 2020" study.

Earlier in the day, Watson had met through Section arrangement with Shawnee State University President Dr. James P. Chapman and Professor Carl Hilgarth, Chair of the Department of Industrial and Engineering Technology, to discuss quality in education and how the University and the Society could share in new initiatives.

The Section presented Watson with a gift basket of items -- some made in the Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia "Tri-State" area and others donated by Section member companies. I express my gratitude to those who were involved in work to prepare and later ship this basket, particularly Cindy Zollo-Davis, John Nemeth, Sandy Endicott, Rich Biehle, and Chuck Adams.

In addition, the Section thanks the Nourse Family of Dealerships in Chillicothe and its General Sales Manager, Mr. Jeremy Schobelock, for providing the use of a new Buick Park Avenue to accommodate Greg's transportation during his visit.

Before his presentation, Greg presented Scioto Valley with its certificate recognizing that the Section had achieved the Total Quality Level of the Society's Section Management Plan (SMP) approach, the highest of three levels. Bob Rinderman and I accepted the award on behalf of the Section and in particular Grant Germann, SMP Chair, and Wade Midkiff, Internet Liaison, who were responsible for Total Quality Level survey and submission activities. Greg also participated in the presentation of certifications to several Section members.

We've now arranged two very meaningful programs for the members this fiscal year, beginning with Terry Felker and QualityPower in September, and continuing with ASQ President Greg Watson in October. Coming up on November 9, a representative from Underwriters Laboratories in Cincinnati will drive to Chillicothe to tell us about the organization's safety and quality conformity assessment programs. Paulette Davis, an ASQ member active with the Cincinnati Section, will bring a videotape and PowerPoint slides to accompany her presentation.

I remain confident that this 120-member Section can show meaningful attendance support for key representatives of ASQ who travel great distances and expend personal time to pass along key Society and quality information. Let's have a good turnout for Paulette's program!

To finish this month's Chair's Message, I pose the question "Will the Scioto Valley Section fail?" It could, without some help. We need more volunteers. I've addressed this need below.

See you on November 9!!!

Timothy L. Matchett, CMI/CQT/CQA
Chair, Scioto Valley Section (SVS)
Nuclear Safety & Quality, USEC, (740) 897-6431


Will the ASQ Scioto Valley Section fail? I'd like to say "No way!" but in reality, the answer could be "Yes!"

How could this happen? We seem to be doing so well.

This Section's downfall will be for the same reason that a few others before it as well as other "volunteer" organizations fail.

Only a few people handle all of the tasks.

A few dedicated volunteers on the Section's Executive Committee are now responsible for two or three Section management responsibilities. Our need is for many more members to be involved, such that each is doing just a small portion, allowing for harmony and balance with job and family.

This type of participation is critical to the long-term survival of the Section.

EDUCATION CHAIR - The Section needs someone in this position quickly to develop certification preparatory course offerings leading up to the March and June examinations, and to continue to explore the possibility that the Section could offer a two-day ISO 9000 assessor course for ASQ CQAs. The Section's Education Chair would coordinate pulling these together. We have several expressions of interest from local quality managers in a CQT course in the Piketon or Jackson areas to help prepare their people for the March exam to either the CQT and/or CMI. We also have expressions of interest in a CQM course in the Huntington/Ashland/Ironton area leading up to the March examination; some planning has started, and just needs to be carried out. Offerings of CQA and/or CQE courses prior to the June sitting would be based on a query of members and expressions of interest.

PUBLICITY CHAIR - Two members of the Section who have other responsibilities are now sharing this job. One individual devoted to this chair slot is needed for such tasks as disseminating news releases to local papers and radio stations and to industrial newsletter editors, conducting follow-up calls, and collecting newspaper clippings for the Section archives.

NEWSLETTER CHAIR - This person would be available to attend both Executive Committee meetings and programs to write pre-meeting announcements and post-meeting reviews and to prepare and distribute the Section's electronic newsletter each month. Contact would be maintained with the Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati and Mid-Ohio Valley Sections to obtain information about programs and educational offerings from those Sections for publication in the SVS newsletter. This person also would help the Internet Liaison, Section Photographer and Photo Editor publish meeting photographs and captions on the Section web site.

If we can get more than one individual involved in these and other committee activities, the use of "co-chairs" could reduce the amount of time and effort that is required and to provide for collective wisdom and ideas. And the more committee members we have, the more we begin to distribute the load. For example, two co-chairs and three committee members could distribute 20 hours per month across five people who invest only four hours each.

The very real risk that we run by overloading and burdening our volunteers with too many assignments, requiring too much time, is that they will quickly burn out and eventually shut down, drop out, and be lost to us.

If you are interested in any of these positions or tasks, please let me know. ASQ is a voluntary society - we need volunteers!

Tim Matchett
Chair, ASQ Scioto Valley Section

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